New duty of care regulations in Scotland come into force on 1 March 2014.  From this date, a transfer note that has a Scottish transfer location must identify the activity of the transferor (the current holder of the waste) and specify their SIC code. The change applies to all single transfers from 1 March 2014 and all season tickets with a start date of 1 March 2014 or after. The SIC code remains optional for transfers at Scottish locations dated before 1 March 2014.

If you have already registered to use edoc, but you did not include the SIC code for your business at that time, you can add it now by updating your ‘main site’ details (see the “Business > Manage sites” menu). This will make creating waste transfer notes easier as edoc will automatically populate the SIC code field making any new notes compliant with this new Scottish requirement. If you submit a transfer note for a Scottish location without including the transferor’s SIC code from 1 March 2014, edoc will not accept it but will prompt you to go back and enter the code.

If you do not know your SIC code, you can find it using the drop down menus in edoc. Alternatively, type in the nature of your business in the text field and edoc will suggest relevant SIC codes.

If you are not yet an edoc user, we suggest you include your SIC code when registering your business and when adding any additional sites. Any waste transfer notes you create subsequently will then automatically include your SIC code and comply with this new Scottish requirement.

You can find helpful information and advice about fulfilling duty of care requirements in Scotland on the NetRegs website, or refer direct to the Environmental Protection (Duty of Care) (Scotland) Regulations 2014.