Recently edoc has teamed up with the Environment Agency as part of their outreach communications activities focused on waste crime in England.  In the last three months, over 70 local authorities have participated in a number of Environment Agency webinars with edoc as key partner. The webinars focused first on the key Duty of Care responsibilities and how to help prevent waste crime, and ended with an introduction and brief demo of edoc.

Stuart Clouth, Resource Futures Consultant who is managing edoc on behalf of the four national governments, explained how to register and use the system and demonstrated its key functionality. There is increasing uptake of edoc as the preferred choice for WTNs by businesses and local councils alike in part because it narrows the error margin that paper-based systems have with a vulnerability for abuse.

Commenting on the webinars, Stuart said:

“Working with the Environment Agency has shown local authorities the critical role that edoc has in helping with Duty of Care responsibilities and the wider issue of waste crime.  Webinars are an effective way of communicating directly to those who need to hear about edoc.  Since delivering the first two webinars before Christmas, we’ve had further interest and held an additional session last month.  It seems that people are keen to hear about edoc and we’ve seen a rise in registrations as a result.”

If you would like to find out more about edoc or are interested in hosting or attending an upcoming webinar, please contact