Over 100 businesses from across the waste, retail, construction and healthcare sectors were given the first glimpse of edoc – the UK’s new national online system to record waste transfers – at RWM 2013 in Birmingham, ahead of its launch in January 2014.

Edoc – which stands for Electronic Duty of Care – is being developed by the Environment Agency in partnership with the waste sector and UK government bodies. Set to transform the current paper-based waste transfer note (WTN) system, edoc will provide a free, modern, quick and easy alternative to having to complete WTNs by hand, saving businesses across the UK time, effort and money.

At the exclusive preview event held at RWM, the team behind edoc explained the benefits of the system, how it is being developed and invited a selection of business users to talk through their own reasons for wanting to adopt edoc when it is launched. A video showcasing the system’s key features was screened for the first time and the newly-launched edoc microsite unveiled to the audience.

The new system will allow businesses across the UK to create, share, edit, sign and record all waste transfers electronically, significantly reducing administrative tasks and in some cases saving businesses up to 50% of the cost associated with the creation, storage and retrieval of WTNs.

For more information businesses can visit www.edoconline.co.uk where they can also register their interest in adopting the new system and will receive regular updates on edoc