Two Environment Agency projects will feature in an upcoming IEMA webinar on sustainable resource management management.

This webinar will provide members with the opportunity to learn more about the Environment Agency led electronic waste transfer note system (edoc) and their work on end of waste, and how these initiatives can help business.

Significant opportunities exist for businesses to turn wastes into useful products, reducing costs, increasing revenues and raising profits.  Businesses are increasingly realising these opportunities but disputes do sometimes arise as to whether something is a waste or not.

edoc is a new online system launched in January this year, which offers a simple and efficient electronic solution to the traditional paper-based waste transfer note system, with the benefit of saving businesses both time and money. It will also give businesses the tools to interrogate and understand more about their waste enabling them to make better informed decisions. For example identifying opportunities to improve efficiency and gain value from resources they throw away.

Webinar details

Title and reference: WEB1214 – Environment Agency activity on sustainable resource management

When: Wednesday 3 December 2014

Time: 12.30pm to 1.30pm

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