Get your registration right

We’ve designed edoc not just to make it easy to record details of waste transfers, but also to enable you to interrogate your records and create reports to support your business needs. We recommend you spend time upfront to structure your edoc registration.

You can choose to register:

  • at the organisational level
  • different businesses in your organisation separately
  • each part of your organisation separately

How you register your business is important so that you can
generate data and reports in a way that will be of value to your
business. This is particularly the case if you want to see data
for specific sites or divisions within your business, as well as
for your organisation as a whole.

You will need to identify a Business Administrator. The
Business Administrator will:

  • register your main business
  • manage and maintain your edoc account
  • be able to add more users and specify what tasks each user can perform
  • be able to add further sites and locations

Go to videos and tools to watch a simple video that takes you through the process of registering a business.

Waste regulators

A waste regulator can use edoc:

  • to record and manage their own waste movements
  • for regulatory purposes if they wish to see a business’s waste transfer notes

Read more about how to access edoc if you are a waste regulator such as the Environment Agency or a local authority.