Features & benefits - why should I use edoc?

  • Quick and efficient, edoc will provide an alternative to the cumbersome paper-based system – reducing administration and saving on paper and storage.
  • The real benefits for you – whether you are a business or in the public sector – are on the economic bottom line. We estimate that edoc could save up to 50% of the costs associated with the creation, storage and retrieval of WTNs.
  • Having an online system for WTNs means they can be organised, searched, interrogated or retrieved quickly and easily, making them a much more valuable source of management information. Having prompts, pre-populated menus and pick lists will make it much easier for you to record complete and accurate information.
  •  Edoc will transforms thousands of fragments of information into a comprehensive picture of how much waste you produce, what happens to it and – most importantly – where you can make savings – for example, through waste prevention, recycling and reuse.
  • The overall information on waste arisings will be of a much higher quality than has previously been available.