Case Study: Valpak Recycling

How Valpak transformed their waste management systems with edoc

vp-logo-lrgValpak Recycling Ltd have been providing environmental solutions for their customers since 1997, covering a wide range of solutions from regulation compliance to sustainable solutions. Since 2014, they have fully implemented edoc for all their non-hazardous waste collections.

Why has Valpak moved to edoc?

For Valpak, the overriding need was to find a way to improve their business processes, as paper based approaches became cumbersome as the business grew. edoc provided a solution to help minimize the paperwork and streamline systems to avoid creation of multiple waste transfer notes between different companies.

How did Valpak approach the transition to edoc?

As a company who are environmentally conscious, edoc offered a more sustainable approach in managing waste transfer notes that also upheld the company’s environmental values. Moving to edoc helped Valpak to streamline their processes from start to finish. The new system made sense, especially when looking at annual season tickets. Edoc meant that within minutes of logging in, it was possible to find relevant documents by searching for location and material types. It also meant they could discover which documents were awaiting signatures, and could easily chase any loose ends.

How easy was it to integrate?

Getting the information from Valpak’s system into the format of the upload template proved to be the most significant task and was undertaken by their in-house IT team. The first year was a test run which meant the second renewal process was straightforward. Once the data was on the system, everyone agreed the simple formatting made the system easy to maintain and made creating new documents light work. The IT team found their way using edoc’s comprehensive online FAQ system, and found it easy to implement independently.

How has edoc helped?

Since 2014, Valpak have fully implemented the edoc system for all their non-hazardous UK waste projects. It has given them greater visibility across all their documents, whilst saving time across their processes. The system also notifies them when renewals are due and when documents are added, meaning that everyone is kept up to date.

“Within a minute of logging onto the system we can easily find a specific site’s document by searching for the transfer location and the material type. The electronic system also makes keeping on top of signing off the documents a lot easier.”

The impact of this on the team has been noticeable, reducing admin strain on the customer service team and saving the paper system from a great deal of postage, ink and paper. edoc has made duty of care more streamlined for the whole business, meaning that customer service is a focused priority.

Matt Luntley, Account Manager at Valpak, said:

“It has given us greater visibility on our completed documents whilst saving time along the whole process from start to finish. The system also automatically notifies companies when renewals are due and when new documents are added which is a quick and easy way to keep everyone updated.”

He continued:

“It seems certain that one day the whole WTN system will need to be online in some form. The traditional paper based system is outdated and having that much paper, often duplicated by several companies, has a huge environmental impact. edoc is a huge step in the right direction and we have found its introduction a massive bonus to our ease of complying with the regulations.”

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