What is edoc?

edoc is an online system designed to help transform the way you record what happens to the waste you produce or handle. It does away with outdated paper waste transfer notes, saving you time, effort and money in fulfilling your legal duty of care for waste.

Developed by a partnership of waste industry and UK public bodies, edoc is safe and secure, and it is free to use. Your waste transfer records will be confidential to you and the other party or parties directly involved. They are stored for the full two years required by law – or longer if you need them – and you have instant access through smart search and reporting functions that can transform your data into valuable information to support your business needs.

Watch our video to see how edoc could benefit your business.

What can edoc do?

edoc is a voluntary system.  It is not mandatory to use it – you can fulfil your legal duty of care for waste in other ways, for example by continuing to use paper waste transfer notes – but edoc offers a simple and efficient system with lots of added value.

As a registered edoc user you will be able to:

  • create waste transfer notes and season tickets online and share them between parties
  • review, edit, sign and store your records securely for the requisite two years or longer
  • receive automatic email notifications when there is a transfer record for your attention
  • see a log of actions performed on a transfer note or season ticket, by whom and when
  • search, sort and retrieve data quickly and easily
  • create tailored business reports from your waste transfer data
  • prepare data for your waste tonnage returns
  • use an optional tracking system to see the fate of your waste

What edoc does not do

edoc does not allow you to record hazardous waste consignments.

edoc is a standalone system.  It is not integrated with waste permit or licence databases.  You are responsible for ensuring that any business to which you transfer waste is appropriately authorised to accept it.

Who can use edoc?

Read more about who can use edoc and how, including information on how your data is protected.

Visit our help and support pages for advice on what you need to know to get started in edoc.