In just over one month businesses from across the UK will be able to switch over to edoc – the innovative new national online system to record waste transfers.

For most businesses in the UK, complying with Waste Duty of Care obligations means filling out paper Waste Transfer Notes (WTNs), getting them signed, filing and storing them every time waste changes hands.  It all adds up to an administrative headache that businesses could do without.  Edoc is designed specifically to reduce the burden by providing a modern, quick and easy online alternative that will save businesses time, effort and money.

Mat Crocker, Head of Illegals and Waste at the Environment Agency, said “With just over one month to the launch of edoc in the New Year, we are now putting the finishing touches to the system.  So far, we’ve have had an influx of businesses eager to register, showing that there is clearly an appetite for a new, easier and more efficient way to record waste transfers.”

“At present the millions of WTNs that are produced each year have to be stored for up to two years, adding up to a huge amount of wasted paper, not to mention the administrative time they cause in terms of filing, storage and retrieval. There is clearly a need to offer a solution to this problem.

The new edoc system will allow businesses across the UK to create, share, edit, sign and record all waste transfers electronically, significantly reducing administrative tasks and in some cases saving businesses up to 50% of the cost associated with the creation, storage and retrieval of WTNs.