• Over 4,500 active registrants were recorded by end of 2015/16
  • Over 45,000 season tickets have been created using the edoc system
  • Bagnall & Morris first company to implement across whole business
  • CarpetRight one of the latest brands to sign up

Last year, edoc – the UK’s online waste transfer system – quietly exceeded targets with a record number of around 4,500 activated users having registered with the service.

There was a sharp rise in activity across the board as the total number of created season ticket Waste Transfer Notes (WTNs) rose to over 45,000.  There was also an increase in the number of public sector organisations, including local authorities, fully implementing edoc.

This is great news for edoc.  As we work with registrants to ease the transition process, the popularity of the shared online waste transfer note system is increasing.  Users (businesses and public sector alike) are continuing to find both financial and environmental paybacks as well as a more secure system to demonstrate Duty of Care. Having a record number of users shows an element of business confidence in using a common automated system which ultimately means a better experience for producers of waste and recycling materials.

edoc is managed by Resource Futures on behalf of Defra and the Welsh, Northern Irish and Scottish Governments.