Business users

If you are a UK based company you have a legal duty of care to deal with your waste responsibly. Each time that waste is transferred from one party to another, it must be documented, agreed and signed by both parties and a waste transfer note (WTN) kept for at least two years.

However, the current paper-based process is time-consuming, cumbersome and costly, as well as being open to inaccuracies.

The new online edoc system will change all this.

As well as reducing administrative burdens and saving money and paper, edoc will also improve the quality of your business waste data. Pick-lists, drop-down menus, prompts and templates will make it easy for you to complete much fuller records and will provide the tools you need to interrogate your own waste data and identify opportunities to improve efficiency, reduce waste and cut disposal costs. It will also help you to report waste tonnages if you are required to do that.