Switching to a new IT system can be hard for any business. B&M Waste Services was one of the first to move over to edoc (electronic duty of care), the new online system for recording movements of commercial and industrial waste, and is bringing its  customers along in the process. Their experience shows that, with good preparation and a focus on customers, the switch can be easier than you might think.

“The best thing about edoc is that it is free to use, although not mandatory. We also like the fact that we can review, edit, sign and store waste transfer notes with ease. There is also a log of all actions performed on a WTN, by whom and when, so we can keep track of all activity and monitor the process from start to finish.”

B&M Waste Services

We asked B&M Waste Services finance director Grahame Henderson, and systems accountant Kevin Wong who managed the company’s transition to edoc, to share their experience and top tips for other businesses looking to make the switch to the new online system.

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